Our company operates in the food industry since 1950, with the second generation of entrepreneurs to lead the company and the third generation be staffed at key positions and to keep alive the vision of its founders.

In our own premises 2100 sq.m. in Oreokastro Thessaloniki, produced and packaged a wide variety of products based on corn starch, flour and sugar.

The strict selection of raw materials coupled with constant tests at different stages of the production process, ensuring a final product in addition to meet the conditions of the EU and Chemical State Laboratory, and ensure an excellent quality product at all levels.

Kaster powder, corn flour, Neseste, Maize Creams (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana) Creams Minute, Vanillin, Rizalefra, baking powder, pastry cream, jelly fruits, jelly fines, cream caramel, Mixture for donuts

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  Within these pages you can find easy and delicious recipes that will help you create a delicious menu for people who love me.

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Ισολογισμός 2014          Πρόσκληση Μετόχων

New product
Pastry cream with vanilla and chocolate flavor.
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